It’s a dog eat…

It’s a dog eat dog world at my place of employment. Actually, it’s a recruiter eat recruiter world around here. Nobody is safe! Yesterday, four of my fellow co-workers got let go and I am not the least bit happy about it. Although I am more than elated that I have been spared the HV axe one more time, my heart aches for those who have been given the deathly pink slip at a moments notice. I left work feeling a bit sad yesterday, as I know some of those people have families to take care of. Is it wrong that I am also fueled with fire because I no longer have Demetria and Martin to dish my daily problems to and get free advice in return? They let you go and then they bring you back. They let you go and then they bring you back. It is like a yo-yo, a sad and evil yo-yo that rears its ugly head every other week to kill off just enough people to keep the profit margin afloat. Help me STOOPSTERS!!!! I have got to cut the rope to this darn yo-yo. If I don’t I will either fall victim to the axe or be the last one stading here amongst a bunch of computers, empty chairs and empty desks. And in that order!

-Peace and Hugs (but none for that darn yo-yo)


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July 31, 2012 · 12:11 PM

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