Hello Stoopsters!

Welcome to Christina’s Dancing Fingers-Variety Stoop, an entertaining place to sit and read with friends.

I created this blog to get MY voice out into the world. I hope to make my readers stomach ache from laughter with my sarcastic yet realistic humor, think and feel encouraged. I am offering you MY take on life in the world that WE live in. 

I started writing for pleasure in my elementary days. I always carried a notebook with me so that I could write whenever something good came to mind or when I needed to let out my feelings. I earned a bachelor of arts degree in communication arts with a minor in journalism from Georgia Southern University in 2003. From my freshman year to my graduating year, I was a staff writer for the campus newspaper and magazine. It was during these long hours in the student media hall that I fell in love with writing.

I am currently a recruiter by day and a freelance writer and actor 24 hours a day/7 days of week.  I am writing a children’s book series that I am seeking publishing for. Please contact me for more information on the series if your interested in publishing or lending a helping hand.

If only for an interlude in your day, I hope that you will come and hang out on my stoop time and time again. For the record, I totally don’t mind if you bring a friend…. or two!

Peace and Hugs,

Christina Newman



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